Sagiraju Foundation Projects

Awards to the Best Student & Best Teacher:

Each year the foundation awards scholarships to a group of students characterized by their special talents, leadership skills, outstanding character, strong values and commitment to excellence both inside and outside the class room. in addition to the college scholarship, the sagiraju foundation also helps to support the non-profitable other activities.


Free Mineral Water Camp (Chalivendram):

To help the commuters and to support the basic need of thirstiness serving the water where there is no water in villages and where there is much crowd in cities. In the hot summer there is real need of free mineral drinking water.

Every one can't afford to buy water though it's available in some areas. Sagiraju Foundation used to conduct the water camps (chalivendram) in every Summer. In some of the places it could arrange free mineral drinking water.

Sagiraju Foundation recently identified an area at vedayapalem in Nellore, where there is lot of crowd moving around and there is no water supply around. Sagiraju foundation arranged it's mineral water supply camp in vedayapalem, Nellore. This camp is helping 100's of people daily by giving water to overcome their thirstiness.

Thanks to all volunteers who supported this cause.

Reconstruction & Development of the Temples:

In approaching the reconstruction of the the temple. This wonderful green canvas created by the God in the near forest of Somasila (Somasila Dam). The NagabhairavaKona is in the middle of Mareduvanam (Forest with more Bhel trees). The Bhairava idol is unique with his yagnopavith made with Kapalas which is the only Kapala Bhairav Idol in the world.The NagaRaja Idol is also unique by its nature as it was sculpted with Shank and Chakra on his both sides to bring its uniqueness. for more information Click Here Nagabhairavakona website.

Helping Hands for the Blind:

Supplyed the blanket's to the physically challenged children. We have a responsibility to offer every blind or partially sighted person the same opportunities as everyone else, whilst recognising that sometimes, additional support may be required to enable each individual to meet their full potential.



Gosamrakshna shala has been constructed and handed over to Sree Vedagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple at Narasimha Konda in Nellore. The punya (blessing) of " GO SAMRAKSHNA" is carried to about seven generations is highlightened in Vedas and Scriptural Lores to protect cows.

"COW" worshipped as kamadhenu by Hindus, symbolizes prosperity and wealth. People worship Goddess Lakshmi in the from of a cow. Cow is no doubt a mother aptly referred as "GOMATHA" - GO means Cow, MATHA means Mother as she nurtures so many lives.

Spiritual Sciences and Research

We support research in obtaining scientific correlation with vedas for the better living of nation. we also facilitate the research with ancient books of welfare of society irrespective of religion and caste.

Sagiraju Foundation participates in vedic sciences and research in association with Maharshi Vedavyas International Virtual Vedic University(MVIVVU).

A non-profit organization whose goal is to promote social, economic and educational opportunities for the blind Read More...