Welcome to Sagiraju Foundation

Sagiraju Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation managed by members of the Sagiraru Venkata Raju and Family of the Foundation. Each year the foundation awards scholarships to a group of students characterized by their special talents, leadership skills, outstanding character, strong values and commitment to excellence both inside and outside the class room. in addition to the college scholarship, the sagiraju foundation also helps to support the non-profitable other activities.

Our Programs
  • Helping hands for physically and mentally challenged
  • Drinking water camps in summer
  • Provide immense support in development of ancient temple
  • Encouragement awards to the bright students studying in rural schools and colleges
  • Provide support to reach the peaks of educational career including research & development to the needy
  • Support social, environmental & development
  • We have constructed a model Gaushala at Narasimha konda
News & Events
  • 20/04/2013 - Conducting free mineral water camps at Vedaya Palem, Nellore.
  • 05/04/2013 - Organized by "National Conference on Vedic Science and Spirituality" Seminar at Nellore.
  • 3/12/2012 Laksha bilwarchana, Rudrabhishekam and shiva panchakshari homam at Nagabhairava kona
  • 15/08/2012 - Awarded for Best Student and Best Teachers at Mogalluru
  • 10/04/2012 - Conducting free mineral water camps
  • 30/11/2011 - Supplied blankets to the physically challenged children

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